Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boston crazy man tries to murder his doctor

There was yet another story in the news today about a mentally ill person committing a heinous crime:
BOSTON – A man stabbed a doctor while being treated at a psychiatric office at a Boston medical building Tuesday and was fatally shot by an off-duty security guard who saw the attack, police said.

"During the course of the stabbing incident an off-duty security officer who was armed interceded. He produced a weapon and ordered the suspect to drop the knife. And when the suspect did not comply, he shot the suspect," said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

If we want to prevent crimes of this nature, we need to start taking care of the mentally ill. The largest aspect of taking care of them is to take the approach that they cannot be in charge of their own lives: that they need guardians to care for them; that they should not be warehoused in homeless shelters or left to fend for themselves on the streets; that they should not have the right to refuse to take medications; and if they are determined by psychiatrists to be dangerous to themselves or to others, they need to live in locked psychiatric hospitals.

While the unprovoked attack which took place in Boston could theoretically occur in a locked-up setting, it would have been harder for the stabber, Jay Carciero, to get ahold of a knife in a hospital.

It did Mr. Carciero no good to be "free." Now he's dead. He might have been helped had society taken charge of his care. But because of the ACLU (and really the lack of concern by just about all Americans), no one took charge of his affairs for him. Instead, we just waited until he nearly murdered a doctor and he was necessarily killed.

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