Friday, November 20, 2015

All you really need to know about Bernie Sanders

In an article in The Atlantic titled, "How Bernie Sanders Explains Democratic Socialism," all you really need to know about Sen. Sanders is found in this sentence:

"Again and again, Sanders returned to his core message: In America the rich are too rich and opportunities for the middle class are few and far between." 

The basic idea is that the rich are not rich because they earned their money. Sanders's socialist ideology tells him they don't deserve it. The effectively stole it from those with less. And his message to those with less is just as clear: Elect me, and I will steal your money back from the rich and give it to you, because you deserve it.

Of course some rich people--mostly those who are connected to the government--are the beneficiaries of ill-gotten gains. But most rich people earned their money the old-fashioned way: They had talent; they looked for opportunities in the free market; they took risks; and they worked, and worked, and worked some more. Most often, they failed several times along the way, learning from their mistakes, before finally striking it rich, by providing a product or a service that others liked, wanted, needed or enjoyed.

That path is really open to anyone. However, insofar as the Sanders ideology takes hold, it will harm our society and make all of us poorer. It teaches those without that they are only poor because some rich guy is cheating them; and that there is no reason to work hard. After all, if you work hard and make a lot of money, you are a bad person and Bernie is going to take your money from you and give it to those who chose not to put in the same effort.

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