Friday, January 8, 2016

A common example of how crazy our system of justice can be

The president of the United States stole his dog's football?

You know you are a leftist if you think we should not be holding unmedicated psychotic people in locked psychiatric facilities. You know you are a rightist if you think crazy people who commit crazy crimes belong in prison. You know you are sane if you think our system is crazy.

A fairly good example of a crazy person who is going to go to prison but should have been kept in a locked psychiatric facility is Scott D. Stockert of Dickinson, North Dakota. Here is what the Washington Post reports he is accused of doing

Officials in Washington say they’ve arrested a North Dakota man who allegedly traveled to the nation’s capital to kidnap a dog belonging to President Barack Obama.

D.C. Superior Court documents say Secret Service agents interviewed Scott D. Stockert of Dickinson, North Dakota, at a Washington hotel after receiving information that he was on his way to the capital to kidnap a “pet” owned by the first family. The first family has two Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny. Officials arrested Stockert after finding weapons in his car. … Agents searched the truck and found a shotgun and rifle as well as a machete, a billy club and ammunition. 

… Stockert told agents that he was “Jesus Christ” and that his parents were President John F. Kennedy and actress Marilyn Monroe and that he came to Washington to announce he was running for president.

The great mystery to me is what ever happened to the notion of “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

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