Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mayor's 'gay sin' remarks ignite protest

I don't understand why anyone would care if another person's religious convictions made him think that you will not go to "heaven". Most Christians believe that polytheistic Hindus won't go to heaven. Hindus likely could not care less what Christians believe about their destiny. Muslims believe Jews won't go to heaven. I could not care less what Muslims believe about a mythical place that they don't think my "soul" will make it to. Even if you don't understand that religious beliefs are a lot of hooey, what someone else who you don't know thinks about you based on his religious beliefs should be totally meaningless to you.

Yet in Vallejo, a bunch of gays are up in arms because the mayor of that city is a born-again Christian; and like most born-again Christians, he does not believe gays have a place in his construct of heaven:
Dozens of people crowded the steps of Vallejo City Hall on Tuesday to protest a recent quoted remark by Mayor Osby Davis that gay people would not go to heaven.

The protesters waved rainbow flags, held signs demanding the separation of church and state and some called for Davis' resignation.

Apparently, the anti-mayor protest spawned a pro-mayor demonstration:
From inside City Hall came the sounds of more than 100 people clapping and cheering, praising God.

"Lord, we're not against anybody. We're for our children," prayed New Hope Church Community Senior Pastor Terrence Nichols. "No matter what outside forces may stir up the pot, it is the inside residents who will work together to bring solutions to Vallejo.

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