Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bill Lockyer's wife: what a disgusting wench

A few days ago, when the San Francisco Chronicle reported that state Treasurer Bill Lockyer's wife, who is an Alameda County supervisor and who is 30 years younger than her husband, was beaten up at a cheap motel in Newark by her ex-boyfriend, I thought the story sounded fishy:

Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, was "violently assaulted" by an ex-boyfriend she met up with at a Newark motel after the Lockyers fought, her husband says.

No married woman who is in love with her husband meets up with an ex-boyfriend at a motel. The ring of it had that cheating wife all over it to me.

(Lockyer) said he and Nadia Lockyer had recently been separated but had gotten back together before the Feb. 3 incident. The trouble that night began when they were arguing over the phone, he said. Nadia Lockyer hung up and headed off to the motel to meet with her former boyfriend, Bill Lockyer said.

My immediate impression was that they separated because she was not in love with her 70-year-old husband but rather was more attracted to her 35-year-old boyfriend.

She portrayed the boyfriend as "a troubled person," he said. "She thought he was having a crisis and she thought she could get him to calm down and to be OK and not to threaten suicide. "And he turned out to be angry ... and she was violently assaulted by someone she was trying to help," he said. But she wouldn't have gone to the motel, Bill Lockyer said, if he hadn't said "something to her that was unkind and hurt her feelings. ... That's what caused her to go."

I thought, how sad if he really believes that bullshit. My guess, though, is that he is just lying for public consumption. He must be embarrassed that he married this whore. As a cuckold, he deserves sympathy.

According to other law enforcement sources, Nadia Lockyer was known by authorities to be dealing with personal problems that may have been related to the ex-boyfriend. Bill Lockyer said only that the ex-boyfriend "seems to have a long history of involvement with the criminal justice system, but her (Nadia's) only fault is occasionally having one too many drinks."

When I read that the police know her due to her "personal problems," my guess was that she is a drug addict or mentally ill.

Now, today, more about this Lockyer story has come out. The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Nadia Lockyer has admitted she was having an affair with the so-called ex-boyfriend, that she is a drunk and that she has issues with drug addiction:

Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, wife of California state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, said Tuesday that she's in rehabilitation for a substance-abuse problem after an extramarital affair culminated in a beating by her ex-lover.

Nadia Lockyer had reported to police that she had been attacked by the former boyfriend Feb. 3 at a Newark motel. "The injuries I suffered from that assault will require some time to heal, and I am receiving treatment for them," she said in a statement Tuesday.

"As of last week, I have enrolled myself in a wellness and recovery center to treat my injuries from the assault," she said. "I am also receiving treatment for chemical dependency and chronic pain from a past debilitating car accident. Alcoholism and addiction are diseases from which many of us suffer, and unfortunately, I have not been spared.

I would hope that the former Attorney General would divorce her, take charge of their young son, and move on with his life. This woman he married is bad people. Yet she seems to still want to keep him in her life and thus keep abusing him:

"With the strong encouragement of the people in my life who love me, including my husband, my family, and my friends, I decided to get help and treatment so that I may fully heal and recover."

The lesson is this: people almost never change. She will never fully heal and never fully recover. She has serious character flaws that likely eminate from her childhood. Her addictions are only a part of her flaws.

She should quit her position on the Board of Supervisors and go away and try to become a better person. She does not deserve her husband. She does not deserve to be a mother. She does not deserve to get the benefits of our society. She should not be trusted in public office.

She should forever pay penance for what she did to others and hope the God of the Jews does not condemn her to burn in Hell. But if she does meet get sent to that firey pit, she will at least get to see her old boyfriend on a regular basis.

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