Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What will make you burn a flag?

Think about this if you are a rational, calm, decent American: What could the people in Afghanistan ... or for that matter in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Waziristan or any of the other Stans anywhere in the world do which would so offend you that you would, in response, go down to the pennant store and buy the correct Flag O'Stan, bring it back to your neighborhood, knock on all of your neighbors doors and invite them to stand on your driveway while you angrily chanted crap from your Holy Book, they danced a jig and you burned the flag from the offending Stan?

My guess is there is nothing those boys could do to get you that upset, short of another 9-11 type terrorist attack. Yet every other freaking week the angry and radical Muslims from some Stan or another Stan are being morbidly insulted by some minor offense that some unknowing American seems to have committed.

It's as if the people in that part of the world are so angry with the horrible lives that they lead that they are always looking to get pissed off, always looking for trouble, always in need of a fight. Their backward culture, mixed with their anachronistic religion, makes each of them the guy who walks into a bar with his hot girlfriend who has her blouse unbuttoned to her naval and most of her breasts hanging out for the world to see and the boyfriend has his fists all balled up ready to cold-cock the first guy who ogles those tits, knowing every guy in the bar wants to view those ta-tas.

The last dust up in the Stan world involves a Koran burning which unintentionally pissed off those easily upset Stans. Here is what the L.A. Times is reporting:

Hundreds of Afghans are throwing stones, burning tires and chanting "Death to America!" after news broke that U.S. personnel inadvertently burned copies of the Koran at a military base north of Kabul.

The protests have raged for two days after Afghan laborers spotted bags containing the Muslim holy book in trash headed for an incinerator, The Times reported. U.S. officials have apologized, saying it was an accident and ordering training for troops on handling religious materials.

Perhaps the best answer is for us to publish new cartoons of Mohammed, where Mohammed is quoted as saying, "Please, Muslims! Stop looking like such idiots by protesting every little thing as if these infidels stole your camel!" I am sure that would calm the Stans down.

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